Go Girl! Badmintonprojekt von Mädels für Mädels

“Go Girl! Badminton project, made by girls, for girls”
New BVRP project dedicated to all girls,

who love to play badminton.

Go Girl! Project made by girls for girls was brought to live in order to meet girls needs. Reaserch shows that girls are far more dissatisfied with themselves and with their bodies than boys. They also experience more distress than boys and much more often direct this distress inwards. 

According to a study done at the University of Virginia, if a girl does not participate in sports by the time she is ten, there is only a 10% chance she will participate when she is 25. Half of the girls, who participate in some kind of sports experience have higher than average levels of self-esteem and less depression. 

We see athletic participation and sports not only as a goal but as a process to becoming a stronger person. We believe that as girls mature, sports can play a significant role in helping them achieve their independence in a healthy and empowering manner. 

We want to use badminton to enhance mental health of adolescent females by offering them positive feelings about body image, improved self-esteem, tangible experience of competency and success and increased self-confidence.

So what do we do ?
We teach girls, how to cope with emotions, which goes along with training environment and performing in sport. We educate girls and coaches about physical and emotional symptoms of puberty. We raise girls’ self-confidence and help them accept themselves as active young women. First and foremost, we a create sport environment, where girls will make new friendships and simply enjoy physical activity.

Was  machen wir ?

Wir zeigen jungen Frauen, wie man mit bestimmten Emotionen umgehen kann, die mit dem Trainingsumfeld und den Leistungen im Sport einhergehen. Wir informieren Mädchen und Coaches über körperliche und emotionale Symptome der Pubertät. Wir stärken das Selbstvertrauen der Mädchen und
helfen ihnen, sich als aktive junge Frauen zu akzeptieren. In erster Linie schaffen wir eine sportliche Umgebung, in der Mädchen neue Freundschaften schließen und einfach nur die körperliche Aktivität genießen können.


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Kristina Moßmann

E-mail: gogirl@b-v-r-p.de

Phone: +49 15165851017

Lotto Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz decided to support whole project!

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