Go Girl! Badmintonprojekt von Mädels für Mädels

“Go Girl! Badminton project, made by girls, for girls”
New BVRP project dedicated to all girls,

who love to play badminton.


Badminton project is addressed to girls from all over the world and it is open to all badminton levels. 

Through activities included in project, we create safe environment for girls to develop as badminton players, but what is more important as young women.

During workshops and camps, girls participate in athletic training, technical and tactical badminton training. Additionally, girls join other activities, as team building activities or self-defence training.

Besides badminton, we put focus on health issues, both physical and mental. During workshop and camps girls join mental training, which teach girls how to stay positive and how to deal with emotions, which appears during trainings and tournaments, but as well in their daily life. Through project we teach girls how to stay healthy and how to stay mentally strong. All topics are adjust to each age group.

Through cooperation with top female athletes, project inspire our participants to stay motivated and keep dreaming big! With our team, we support our participants along their way to achieve their dreams, because we believe, that whatever they dream of, it is always worth fighting for.

Project is international and open to all motivated players. Through cooperation with other nationalities we create unique environment of support. Mixture of different cultures stimulate girls to become more self-confident and what is more important, it broaden their worldview.

Project has a support of top female athletes: Johanna Goliszewski, Isabel Herttrich,
Emma Moszczynski and Jule Petrikowski, who will share their experience with all our participants.

Join our events!

Spring workshop22-24.03.2019Kaiserslautern
International Summer camp 20-27.07.2019 Kaiserslautern
Autumn workshop1-3.11.2019 Kaiserslautern

International summer camp – 20/27.07.2019 in Kaiserslautern

Would you like to improve your badminton skills and meet other badminton players from all over the Europe? Would you like to spend one week among girls, who share the same interests?

Join badminton summer camp only for girls!

During camp, you will participate in: mental, athletic, technical and tactical training and team building activities. But that is not all! You will have a chance to relax and have fun in outdoor swimming pool facilities in Kaiserslautern and challenge coaching team in beach volleyball.

Further information you can find here → Go Girl! International Summer Camp

Autumn workshop – 01/03.11.2019 in Kaiserslautern

We invite all girls to last workshop in 2019 edition. 

Do you want to improve your badminton skills and meet other girls with like-interests? Join our weekend workshop! During our event you will be a part of: mental training, team building activities, athletic training, technical and tactical training.

Further information you can find here → Go Girl! Autumn Workshop

Lotto Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz decided to support whole project!

Our international summer camp is supported by Badminton Europe! You will be able to find some infos about our project on Badminton Europe website.